Forms to Help You Manage Your doTERRA Business
A website created for doTERRA Essential Oil team members by Wellness Advocate #2433, Marty & Jim Harger of Heber City, Utah

Keep track. Keep score.  One of the best ways to succeed in business is to keep track of what you do, and
then use that information to note areas for improvement.  You'll be pleased to see how many great forms have
already been developed for your use.  Click on the images to download those that make sense for you or create
your own!
Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan
Make the most of the time you have alloted to your doTERRA business. Start by
blocking the days and times you'll be busy with other things in life, then note the time
you have for your doTERRA business.  Commit that time to productive activity by
organizing your Daily Actions for your doTERRA work days.  These are two handy
tools that will help keep you on track.
Lead Your Team To Faster Success By Tracking Power of 3 Team Bonus
These forms are helpful to those tracking their team volumes and structure in order to help their downline achieve Power of 3
bonuses.  Use what serves, but these are helpful tools for those hoping to achieve the steady income and bonus opportunities
doTERRA offers.
What Does It Take to
Earn the $1500 Power of
3 Team Bonus?'

Take a look at what it takes to
reach the $1500 Power of 3 bonus
if everyone on your team purchases
start learning, doing and leading
with intention.
Click on any
image to
launch a PDF
version of the
Track Your Team's Rank Advancement
Want to know how you and your team members are progressing toward your next rank advancement?  Use the forms below and
post them somewhere visible to reach the next steps!
Current Wellness Advocate  Agreement
Current Wholesale Price Order
Wellness Advocate Forms
Preferred Member Forms
Current Preferred Member Program Explanation

Current Preferred Member Application

Current Preferred Member Product Price List
Download the forms you need here, or go to for these
and other forms you'll need
your attention for your next rank advancement.

Elite Builder Worksheet                              Premier Builder Worksheet

Silver Builder Worksheet
Weekly Update Form for Coaching Calls
An easy fill-in-the-blanks Word document you can email to your coach to keep calls on track.